Nutrition & Lifestyle Program

The McKenzie Clinic - Nutrition & LifeStyle Program

Struggling to lose weight? (who isn't!) 70% of Australians are now considered to be overweight. In 1965 it was only 10% What has changed? Why are we now all struggling with our waist lines?

The good news is long term weight loss is not difficult!

Here at The McKenzie Clinic our Nutrition and Lifestyle consultants have developed a program and will arm you with evidence based tools to succeed at long term weight loss.

This program is specifically designed to help people lose weight, improve exercise, sleep and stress management habits. Overall, a better long term quality of life.

Participants in the program experience large reductions in both peripheral and visceral fat through simple, structured changes.

Come and see either Russell or Andrew and let us show you how to change your health for the better for good.

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