24x7 Gymnasium

The McKenzie Clinic - 24x7 Public Gym

The McKenzie Clinic is a unique Allied Health Clinic with a 450 square metre Gym positioned directly off 7 private Treatment Rooms. This allows your Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist to tailor your Exercise Program and then walk straight out onto the Gym floor to guide you through each exercise.

Exercise is so important for our physical AND mental health, but many people are not confident to start exercise. Our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists can safely and effectively tailor an exercise program to suit your goals, age and medical history. It is never too late to take up exercise! In fact it is more important to exercise the older we get. Contact The McKenzie Clinic to arrange an appointment with one of our qualified team.

Gym Membership

Take advantage of our Gym Membership subscriptions and maximise your time and use of The McKenzie Clinic facilities and classes.


$34.95 per week

Unlimited Classes
24/7 Gym Access
Relaxation Lounge


$14.95 per week
24/7 Gym Access
Relaxation Lounge

Class Visits

Pilates Equipment Classes :

All Other Gym Classes :

If you prefer to exercise in a group than on your own, have you considered our group classes?

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